October 2016




Connecting the Dots: Learning, Technology & Creativity

“Education isn’t something you can finish,” once quipped Isaac Asimov, a point that rings true now more than ever. We’re reveling in information nirvana while relying on outdated learning habits that don’t stack up. All the world’s knowledge is at our fingertips, we’re able to consume whatever we want whenever we want it—but this, unfortunately, doesn’t guarantee that we will make the best use of our time or that we will remember what we think we’re learning. If we’re going to raise the collective intelligence and creativity of the world at large, education must escape the school system and become an activity pursued by people of all ages and from all walks of life. The first step in this process is learning how to learn. Among Connecting the Dot’s most valuable insights: – What happens in the brain as we experience and learn – How technology and science are driving a need for continued education – Why our ability to plan and predict rests upon our knowledge – What we should focus on to become an expert – How to avoid the many biases and fallacies in our current learning methodologies Connecting the Dots will lead you on a journey through the brain, the mind, the environment, and the future, providing a well-rounded picture of why learning is essential and how to best achieve it. (Taken from Amazon.com description on Sam’s latest book)

Author Sam Brinson will join us on October 19 at 2pm to discuss what he has learned in his travels and share from his book, Connecting the Dots. Sam is a writer and researcher with interests brain research, personal development and creative expression who lives in Montevideo, Paraguay.

Join us with our special guest Sam Brinson dialing in live from Paraguay!


The Perkins Platform – October 19, 2016



Sam Brinson

Connecting the Dots: Learning How to Learn for Modern Day Thinkers