November 2013

 Clarisse Mendoza    Perkinsmonogram



Pay it Forward: The Benefits of Quality

Preschool Experience

A number of recently studies have showed a significant correlation between quality early childhood education programming and success in high school and college.    Our guests on November 13 (2pm) will talk about what children need to know and be able to do for school success.

Clarisse Mendoza is the Deputy Chief of Academic Affairs for the UNO Charter Network in Chicago, IL  Prior to her work at UNO, Clarisse was the founding Chief Operating Officer for Early Stages-the District of Columbia Public Schools early childhood diagnostic division which insured that all children ages 3-5 in the district received the services they needed for a strong school start.

Rose McKenzie is the Early Childhood Division Director at New Opportunities Inc in Waterbury, CT.  Her background includes over 24 years in the education and childcare field. She was a federal reviewer of HeadStart Programs for over 10 years conducting reviews in Region I & II.  She is also a member of the CT HeadStart Association.

Join us for an amazing discussion!


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