November 2, 2015



Discipline in the Classroom – What We Can Learn from the SC School Incident

Major media outlets have been dominated by the incident captured on cell phone videos at Spring Valley High School where a student was forcibly removed from a classroom. Views on this incident has placed civil rights advocates, school and district leaders, student advocates, school officers and education experts at odds. We have confirmed Dr. Jared Scherz, psychologist and author and invited others to participate with us on a discussion about the SC school incident and what we might learn from it. Dr. Jared Scherz is the founder of TeacherCoach (, an online platform that integrates personal growth with professional development. The goal of TeacherCoach is to make learning free to all educators nationwide. As a clinical psychologist, author, and educational consultant, working with educators for over twenty five years, Dr. Scherz believes in the paradoxical theory of change, in that a greater understanding of what keeps a person or system stuck is needed before sustainable change is possible. His work includes a number of issues including school violence prevention, the organizational health of schools, and the personal wellness of educators. This will be an open, but guided forum. Listeners are encouraged to phone in to express your opinions and suggestions – 657.383.1481. Join us at 2pm on Monday, November 2 for an informative discussion.


Discipline in the Classroom – What We Can Learn from the SC School Incident


SC School Officer Caught on Video

Parent Speaks Out


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