January 2014


Monique Lewis


Global Standards in Education: The International Baccalaureate





Conceptualized in 1948, the International Baccalaureate Programme has become widely recognized for its rigorous curriculum and evaluation process for grades 3-12.  Schools all over the world have adopted the IB program with a recent surge in interest and participation among schools in urban communities throughout the United States.  Our guests in January will discuss IB and its benefit to schools going through the accrediation process.  We are delighted to have Drew Deutsch, Director-IB Americas.  Drew joined the International Baccalaureate in April 2008 as the Regional Director for IB North America. On 1 January 2009, Drew was appointed as Director of the IB ccalaureate Program

Americas region. We will also have Monique Lewis, Principal -Fondren Middle School International Baccalaureate in Houston, Texas.  We will discuss the principles of IB and what it looks like on the ground to become an IB school.  Join us on January 15 (2pm EST) for an enlightening discussion.


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