December 2013

Sally baas


Mental Health Challenges in Public Schools

Mental health in public schools is a major concern.  According to HHS, the figures usually indicated for diagnosable mental disorders suggest that between 12% and 22% of all youngsters under age 18 are in need of services for mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. The Center for Mental Health in Schools reports that the reality for many large urban schools is that well over 50% of their students manifest significant learning, behavior, and emotional problems.  For a large proportion of these youngsters, the problems are rooted in the restricted opportunities and difficult living conditions associated with poverty.

We have two special guests in December:  Dr. Sally Baas, President – National Association of School Psychologists who will discuss these challenges nationally.  Our second guest is a NYC principal who will discuss what the day-to-day challenges of mental health statuses in children impacts the educational environment in an inner-city elementary school. Join us at 2pm on December 18 for another amazing discussion!


As an additional resource for December’s show, take time to see the Video:




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