October 2012


The Perkins Platform


Parents and Public Education: How the Partnership Works

The October Guest is Ms. Betsy Landers, President – PTA.  We will discuss how the PTA encourages parents to participate in the educational process and the ways in which school leaders can better engage parents to be active participants in their child’s educational program.

From the moment she joined PTA® in 1989, Landers’ dedication to PTA has been unwavering. When she encountered challenges with her first PTA experience, she stayed with the group to ensure future volunteers had a better experience. When her children transferred to a new school, she helped form its first PTA and served as unit secretary. When her children transferred yet again, she helped form the first PTA in their new school, this time as president. She took on increasing responsibilities for Shelby County Council PTA, and then for the Tennessee PTA Board of Managers. Her goal was to help foster a widespread culture of excellence throughout the PTA local units in her state.

Landers has a special devotion to children’s safety. She dedicates time to the National Emergency Medical Services to Children (EMSC) Partnership for Children Stakeholder Group, the Tennessee EMSC Foundation, the Committee on Pediatric Emergency Care, and the Trauma Care Advisory Committee of Tennessee.

Although she occupies the highest office in PTA, Landers is quick to point out that the real power of PTA lies at the local level and plans to make a “back to basics” approach cornerstone of her tenure as National PTA President. “It’s the parents who dedicate themselves to improving their children’s education, PTA members who are committed to advocating for all children—those are the people who make a real difference.”

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