June 2013

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The Perkins Platform

New School Designs: Leadership for New Learning Experiences



 Our June 19 (2pm EST) broadcast will feature a group of innovative leaders who have been at the forefront of designing and implementing new public and charter schools.  The leadership task for these new enterprises is an awesome responsibility.  Engaging communities and inspiring the instructional staff is only a small portion of what is necessary for success in these new schools.  Our panel have been in such a position and will share their challenges, failures and successes so that we can gain understanding and appreciation for what is required in the development of a new school design.

Our guests are: Ms. Sharon Stephens – principal of Madiba Prep in Brooklyn, NY and is finishing her first year as the leader of that school; Ms. Lagra Newman – founding principal of Purpose Academy in Nashville, TN and is preparing to launch her school in September;  and Mr. David Hardy – founding principal of Achievement First Brooklyn who is now working for the NJ Department of Education.

Join us for what will be a dynamic, informative conversation.


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