April 2013

NewOrleansThe Perkins Platform



The Second Battle of New Orleans: Education at the Center



Before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had some of the worst schools in the nation, rapid superintendent turnover, and a human resources and financial crisis leaving over $3 million in salary and benefits being paid to deceased employees. After Katrina, the city underwent several drastic shifts with the most prominent being the decentralization of the education system and the creation of one of the largest charter school networks in country.  For some, the jury is still out on how successful this round of reform has been, for others it is regarded as the saving grace for the city and still others believe it has been a complete failure.

Our guests in April are educators who have served before and after Hurricane Katrina in district and charter schools.  We will learn candidly about what happened in New Orleans then and now and get a sense of what politicians, community leaders and state policy makers are still fighting about in one of our historic cultural centers.

Join us for another dynamic discussion with those on the front line in what will be known in the history books as the Second Battle of New Orleans.


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